Project Description

The project was implemented in 18 months under the National Science and Technology Program in the period of 2016-2020 phase on “Researching technology research and development of information technology products serving the E-government” of the Science and Technology Ministry of Vietnam.

Join with HUECIT (Center of IT of Hue city), VidaGIS participates in the project to provide main components:

  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI): is a component in the common data infrastructure, including the components to collect, process, store, distribute and improve the usability of spatial data, as a basis for the creation and sharing of spatial data between agencies and units.
  • Provincial public information portal (GeoPortal)
  • Aktivmap system: the system supports collecting and updating spatial data of city’s infrastructures such as transportation network, construction, environment and planning maps

HUE SDI will be develop based on open-source GIS technologies from Geonode, Django, Geoserver, OpenLayer…

Other components of projects are 3D map building for Hue, policy research, GIS database building… implement by other partners: HUECIT, SAMCO, Department of Construction; and Smart Monitoring and Management Center of Hue city.

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