Urban management by remote sensing and Lidar

In Vietnam, Lidar data (aerial laser scanning technology) with average point density has been collected on a large scale, through projects to build 1/2,000 base geodatabases - 1/5000 for urban areas and projects to build digital models of elevations in the delta and coastal areas to respond to climate change. One of the value-added products [...]

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Remote sensing and GIS application in monitoring the coastal corridor

For the first time in Vietnam, scientists from the Department of National Remote Sensing (NRS) have researched and applied remote sensing and GIS technologies in monitoring the coastal corridor. This is an important scientific research that contributes to providing the scientific and practical basis for the application of remote sensing technology and GIS in the establishment, management, protection [...]

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Monitoring landfills by Remote Sensing technology

The National Remote Sensing Center is implementing the project "Monitoring landfills by remote sensing technology". The project is expected to provide useful solutions to strengthen the solid waste management capacity at central and local levels as well as update and improve the operational efficiency of the solid waste information system of the Vietnam Environment Administration. [...]

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VNREDSat-1 for suspended matter in waters

Recently, the research team of the Institute of Space Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has successfully studied the application of satellite images VNREDSat-1 in collecting information about suspended matter in coastal waters of Vietnam. This study helps provide information about the distribution of suspended matter for scientists, state management agencies about environmental resources [...]

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