We provide WebGIS and mobile GIS developing service, and now CloudGIS also. You could benefit from our system: GIS data store, beautiful map visual, field data collect, data sharing and analytics.



We develop field-data collection tool allow real-time update, navigation, query the map… right on the field

Our field-data collection tools available on iOS and Android.


We could deploy GIS system and integrate it with your existing business systems such as CMS, SCADA, Billing…

WebGIS Beautification

A beautiful and effective WebGIS Portal? We can design and develop it!

GIS analytics?

You could perform a designed and free spatial search, query through whole database to find a customer, highlight it and do further analytics.

We use the most powerful GIS-based technologies in the world from ESRI, OSGeo … to build professional functions for our dear customers. Facilitate the inheritance and future development of customers.

Regarding database platform, we flexibly use from MySQL to Oracle, Elastic (nonSQL) … to meet all needs and current ICT infrastructure of customers.

The GIS systems we build on the multi-tenant architecture allow customers to deploy, operate at a lower cost, with less infrastructure. In addition, users need not bother about updating new features and updates. Multi tenant architecture effectively serves everyone from small clients to large clients.