We provide high resolution satellite images up to 0.5m, perfect for facility and infrastructure management such as water supply, waste, public lighting, green area, electric and telecom; and very detail DSM (Digital Surface Model) and DTM (Digital Terrain Model) up to 1m!


SPOT image

Resolution up to 2.5m, perfect for smart city management.

Applications: planning, design, asset management, facility management


Resolution up to 70 cm, perfect for district management.

Applications: planning, design, asset management, facility management


Resolution up to 50 cm, providing daily high frequency images of Earth.

Applications: agriculture, forestry, resource monitoring, infrastructure, defense, emergency response…

World View

Resolution up to 50 cm, perfect for detail management of a district.

Applications: mapping, design, facility management, asset management

DSM – Digital Surface Model

Up to 1m resolution, DSM contains elevations of natural terrain features including vegetation and cultural features such as buildings and roads. Perfect for many application in 3D visualization, emergency response, 4G/5G BTS planning, …

DSM 1m of New York

DTM – Digital Terrain Model

Up to 1m resolution, DTM provides elevations of the bare earth where surface features such as buildings, vegetation and other infrastructure have been removed.

Perfect for many application in geological mapping, 3D visualization, watershed analysis, emergency response, land cover, forestry, resource conservation, environmental risk analysis, image orthorectification, contour generation, and cartography, …

DSM/DTM technical information:

Date: varies by region, archive datasets and current, continually updated datasets available
Posting: up to 1m
Vertical Accuracy (LE90): up to 1m (depending on area)
Horizontal Accuracy (CE90): up to 2m (depending on area)
Compatibility: fully compatible and tested with 100s of GIS applications, engineering tools, design tools and 3D visualization

Feature extraction

We provide feature extraction service from satellite image with high accuracy for application:

  • Mapping
  • City planning
  • Farming
  • River erosion
  • Land use monitoring and plan