Project Description

Mekong Delta is home to nearly 20 million people – the largest agricultural area of Vietnam. However, currently all localities in this area are facing serious erosion. There are over 560 river bank and coastal erosion points with a total length of nearly 800 km (at 2017-2018), directly threatening the safety of many riverside and coastal residential areas and infrastructures. In recent years, the erosion in Mekong Delta region are unusual, not following a certain rule. Climate change, sea level rise, upstream blocked and over-exploitation of natural resources have caused the situation of erosion in Mekong Delta to become more and more serious, affecting directly the livelihoods and living conditions of riverside and coastal households. Therefore, the Government of Vietnam and foreign organizations have been making efforts to implement solutions to repair and limit the erosion in Mekong Delta region.

Project has two main objectives:

  1. Establishing multi-temporal remote sensing orthophotos
  2. Monitoring the river bank and coastal erosion using remote sensing technology to establish the river bank and coastal zone map for 4 periods, the river bank and coastal erosion for 3 phases. Detail services of this step includes:
  • In-house interpretation;
  • Additional field-work investigation;
  • Establish the current maps for each periods;
  • Establish the change maps for each phases;
  • Standardize Orthophoto;
  • Standarize data of current status maps and change maps

In addition, the project has other duties including:

  • Building and Integrating GIS database system and remote sensing coastal river bank in Mekong Delta region
  • Building a data sharing model and database in the direction of SDI – spatial data infrastructure effectively and scientifically for other organizations
  • Research and develop an automatic and specific methods of automatic or semi-automatic mapping coastal river changes using remote sensing technology and project data