Announcement of the implementation results of Project: Building Management Information System for Railway Infrastructure (VNRA-MIS)

On July 11, Vietnam Railway Authority (VNRA) and the Aus4Transport (A4T) Program held a conference to announce the implementation result of Version 1.0 of Project: Building Management Information System for Railway Infrastructure (VNRA-MIS system). [...]

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Kick-off event for CADEO project in Vietnam

On the 15th of December was held a kick-off event for the Erasmus+ supported Climate change Adaptation using Digital geospatial twins and Earth Observation (CADEO) project for Capacity Building in Higher Education in Vietnam. [...]

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Vietnam’s remote sensing accompanies the development of natural resources and environment industry

Established in the early 80s of the last century, through many historical periods, remote sensing has constantly developed into a high-tech, modern field, reaching the advanced level of region. Up to now, most of [...]

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Aktivmap- Breakthrough innovations in development technology

In the era of rapid development of information technology, the application of new technologies in software development is extremely necessary. Well aware of that, our company's development team is constantly updating new technologies to [...]

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Building synchronous, unified national geospatial data infrastructure

National geospatial data infrastructure is classified as an important digital resource of the country, social sectors as well as the economy. Especially, in the current period, all levels, branches and localities are developing national [...]

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Coastal erosion monitoring by remote sensing technology

On October 12, 2021, the Department of National Remote Sensing held a workshop to introduce the results of the project "Coastal erosion monitoring in some key areas of Central Vietnam by remote sensing technology". Representatives [...]

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Acceptance of state-level project about SDI in Hue province

State-level acceptance assessment session of the topic "Research, build a spatial data infrastructure (SDI), serving urban planning, management and development - Pilot application in Thua Thien Hue province, code KC.01.26/16-20, under the Program “Technology research and development [...]

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Geospatial data for smart city planning and management

In the process of smart city planning and management, geospatial data plays an important role. In recent years, modern geospatial technologies such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), geographic information systems (GIS), satellite remote sensing [...]

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Digitizing Vietnam map with data on population, society

Spatial data system of population and development was built, developed and integrated on GIS made in Vietnam software, with full administrative data updated regularly, quickly and accurately. The information provided on the Spatial data [...]

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Remote sensing and GIS application in monitoring the coastal corridor

For the first time in Vietnam, scientists from the Department of National Remote Sensing (NRS) have researched and applied remote sensing and GIS technologies in monitoring the coastal corridor. This is an important scientific research that [...]

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Monitoring landfills by Remote Sensing technology

The National Remote Sensing Center is implementing the project "Monitoring landfills by remote sensing technology". The project is expected to provide useful solutions to strengthen the solid waste management capacity at central and local levels [...]

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