Announcement of the implementation results of Project: Building Management Information System for Railway Infrastructure (VNRA-MIS)

On July 11, Vietnam Railway Authority (VNRA) and the Aus4Transport (A4T) Program held a conference to announce the implementation result of Version 1.0 of Project: Building Management Information System for Railway Infrastructure (VNRA-MIS system). The conference was held online at 8 video conference points: Hanoi, Lao Cai, Dong Dang, Bac Giang, Vinh, Da Nang, [...]

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Vietnam’s remote sensing accompanies the development of natural resources and environment industry

Established in the early 80s of the last century, through many historical periods, remote sensing has constantly developed into a high-tech, modern field, reaching the advanced level of region. Up to now, most of the fields of natural resources and environment have applied remote sensing to serve effective State management, contributing to the monitoring [...]

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Aktivmap- Breakthrough innovations in development technology

In the era of rapid development of information technology, the application of new technologies in software development is extremely necessary. Well aware of that, our company's development team is constantly updating new technologies to make Aktivmap the leading GIS-based smart city and smart factory management software today. Some of the technologies we have implemented [...]

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Building synchronous, unified national geospatial data infrastructure

National geospatial data infrastructure is classified as an important digital resource of the country, social sectors as well as the economy. Especially, in the current period, all levels, branches and localities are developing national plans, regional planning, provincial planning, urban planning, rural planning. All related to spatial database or topographic base map. The reporter [...]

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Geospatial data for smart city planning and management

In the process of smart city planning and management, geospatial data plays an important role. In recent years, modern geospatial technologies such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), geographic information systems (GIS), satellite remote sensing (RS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aeronautical laser scanning (LiDAR), ground laser scanning (TLS)… are constantly being developed to collect, store, [...]

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VNREDSat-1 for suspended matter in waters

Recently, the research team of the Institute of Space Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has successfully studied the application of satellite images VNREDSat-1 in collecting information about suspended matter in coastal waters of Vietnam. This study helps provide information about the distribution of suspended matter for scientists, state management agencies about environmental resources [...]

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MONRE: Law on Survey and Mapping of Vietnam

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam said, up to now, the documents guiding the implementation of the Law on Survey and Mapping have been completed. The Law on Survey and Mapping was approved by the National Assembly in June 2018 and takes effect from 2019. The Law has assigned the Government to detail [...]

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