Building synchronous, unified national geospatial data infrastructure

National geospatial data infrastructure is classified as an important digital resource of the country, social sectors as well as the economy. Especially, in the current period, all levels, branches and localities are developing national plans, regional planning, provincial planning, urban planning, rural planning. All related to spatial database or topographic base map. The reporter [...]

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Coastal erosion monitoring by remote sensing technology

On October 12, 2021, the Department of National Remote Sensing held a workshop to introduce the results of the project "Coastal erosion monitoring in some key areas of Central Vietnam by remote sensing technology". Representatives of some units: Department of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information of Vietnam, Department of Water Resources Management, Department of Climate [...]

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Digitizing Vietnam map with data on population, society

Spatial data system of population and development was built, developed and integrated on GIS made in Vietnam software, with full administrative data updated regularly, quickly and accurately. The information provided on the Spatial data system of population and development is the data of the last 5 years (2016-2020). These data will be continuously updated every [...]

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Smart city projects in Vietnam

The whole country has about 40 provinces and cities having been or developing a smart city development project according to statistics of the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, the agency in charge of deploying the "Sustainable Smart Urban Development Project Vietnam for the period of 2018 - 2025 and orientation to 2030". In these smart [...]

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VILG project target in 2021

According to Mr. Chu An Truong, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Land Administration - Director of the Project for Improved Land Governance and Database (VILG Project) in Vietnam, as of 30/6/2020, 182 districts completed the drafting of technical cost estimates, in which, 96 districts of 18 provinces were approved. Regarding the signing [...]

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WDMS and Non Revenue Water reduction

WDMS system developed by VidaGIS and our partner is DanWater - Denmark deployed in Seramban - Malaysia and Denmark. Water supply and sewerage system is an important infrastructure in both rural and urban. Currently, in large urban areas of Vietnam have many residential areas which do not have enough clean water [...]