We provide the Aktivmap system with a set of tools for managing, storing, synthesizing, analyzing… data, helping to manage operation, maintenance, inventory of materials, design, build and replace machine in an effective way, towards a smart plant!

Aktivmap Solution – Smart Factory

Aktivmap is a system we develop based on cloud and multitenant with the support of Danish experts. The integrated system between GIS and EAMS serves the management, operation and maintenance of the network of assets and infrastructure without limiting the organization or number of users. Aktivmap can be applied in many fields, especially in infrastructure asset management, towards smart factories.

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Total asset lifecycle management

The management of equipment, machinery and infrastructure becomes easier when using the Aktivmap platform:

  • Aktivmap provides a tool for storing and synthesizing devices and machines according to a tree structure (parent – child).
  • Unlimited management levels, helping to improve management efficiency.
  • Overall management of the life cycle of urban infrastructure with detailed history and information -> create maintenance and replacement strategies for equipment and machines for managers in the future.

Data visualization; analysis and intelligent visualization tools

  • Accurately locate equipment and machinery on the map (with detailed attribute information).
  • Intelligent analysis tools -> Direct analysis, statistics on the map.
  • Realistic, vivid data -> Direct visualization.
  • The maps are saved after analysis into thematic maps -> superimposed analysis, assisting the plant in making management decisions.
  • Tool to update, edit data quickly, pre-set asset templates -> save time and cost of updating assets.
  • Search for assets by multiple criteria, by attribute space, allowing to save the search results as a set -> users reopen for later sessions or put the assets in the set into the next work plan.

Workflow Optimization

  • Work is carried out according to business flow, flexibly transitioned among departments.
  • Monitor work during implementation, evaluate work at the end.
  • Notifications about the job are quickly sent to the relevant units.
  • Give feedback to the assignor when facing difficulties in the implementation process, note down the work for the next steps.
  • Create jobs automatically and assign the right jobs to the established departments.

Support the operation and maintenance of equipment, machinery

  • Management of technical records: types of assets, materials…
  • Tightly link technical records to asset details.
  • Operating regulations, operating instructions and maintenance steps are saved -> operate, maintain assets.
  • The asset’s metrics information is set to specific thresholds -> ensuring the asset’s normal operation.

Accurate inventory of materials

  • Indicate the exact amount of supplies in stock, search for supplies in the nearest warehouse -> replace, repair.
  • Flexible import and export of materials, allowing bulk import of materials into the warehouse according to available templates.
  • Request supplies when performing the work and re-import supplies if the work is not used up.
  • Export the quantity of materials in stock -> report, print the inventory card of each type of material with detailed information on import and export date.

Support planning, budgeting

  • Manage yearly/monthly plan thanks to exact location on map, detailed information, documents, work related to plan.
  • The plan is aggregated from the unit to the Corporation, then the Corporation shares the general plan for the units below to implement.
  • Aggregate costs, make monthly and yearly plan and link with accounting software.

Statistical reports, information synthesis

Serving the needs of general management of plant units, workshops and factories:

  • Statistics of data on the system quickly.
  • Easy report export tools.
  • Synthesize data -> report to the Corporation.

Easy integration with other systems

  • Easily integrate with other systems to get data with many smart integration tools such as: Integration through data import and export by excel file, integration via API, integration via service, QR code …

Virtual reality model

Apply virtual reality technology, cloud computing to smart factory -> design, build or replace a device, machine quickly and accurately right at the office without going to the field.

Smart system administration

The administrative functions are designed right in the backend interface, making it easy for users to customize the system without accessing the database or changing the system code.

Dynamic system, easy to add new management objects

Flexible user management

Diversity of units and organizations

Unlimited departments

Strict decentralization in the system

Map service changes flexibly

Customize processes and operations

Set up notifications, automatic works

Real-time data in real time

Search, manage by modern tag