We provide the Aktivmap system with a set of tools for managing, storing, synthesizing, analyzing… data, helping to manage planning, urban technical infrastructure, transport infrastructure, land, and environmental resources… in an effective way, towards a smart city!

Aktivmap solution – Smart Cities

Aktivmap is a system we develop based on cloud and multitenant with the support of Danish experts. The integrated system between GIS and EAMS serves the management, operation and maintenance of the network of assets and infrastructure without limiting the organization or number of users. Aktivmap can be applied in many fields, especially in infrastructure asset management, towards smart cities.


Manage, store, aggregate data

  • Manage and store data easily in a tree structure -> unlimited management level.
  • Overall management of urban infrastructure life cycle -> maintenance strategy in the future.
  • Smart data import and export tools ->  add new management objects easily right in the backend of the system.

Smart map

  • Accurately locate the location of the infrastructure on the map with detailed attribute information.
  • Update data continuously according to available templates -> Save time, reduce asset update costs.
  • Intelligent data analysis tool, visualize directly from analysis results -> vivid visual data.
  • Establish thematic maps for data -> support the Department to make decisions and management problems later.

Data statistics and aggregation

  • Statistics of data on a public and transparent system
  • Easy report export tool
  • Aggregate data -> report to provincial units
  • Serving the general management needs of the city, serving people and organizations.

Planning management based on GIS

  • Build and publish planning data on GIS platform.
  • List the overall list of planning projects with detailed information.
  • Integrate 3D models -> give overviews of the projects, with plans to build other construction sites in the future.

Coordination of plans among sectors

  • Coordinate the implementation of plans among sectors.
  • Locate the exact location of the plan on the map.
  • Overall management of yearly plan, monthly plan with detailed information, documents and related plans.
  • Synthesize the plan to Department and the Department shares plans for units below -> no overlapping plans among sectors.

Collect and reflect on the urban situation

  • Take photos, reflect on information, comments and complaints about the urban situation.
  • Receive and handle complaints directly on the system -> after processing, responsible for answering questions and reflections.
  • The process of answering and handling quickly -> the city is increasingly civilized and modern.

Diverse set of tools

  • Aggregate and share data in a single platform -> homogenous top-down and bottom-up data.
  • Easily integrate with other systems for data retrieval.
  • Intelligent data integration tool: integration via service, data import and export by excel file, integration via API, service, QR code or integration with other systems’ base maps.

Virtual reality 3D model

Applying virtual reality technology to smart cities helps to design, build or replace an infrastructure very quickly and accurately right at the office without going to the field thanks to cloud computing technology.

Aktivmap’s applications for smart cities