Aktivmap is a GIS-centric enterprise asset management system (EAMS) platform for enterprise. Aktivmap helps manage, track, and analyze your infrastructure assets, machines and equipments for the whole life circle of assets from plan, purchase, installation, operation, maintenance until replace or disposal. All information you could visual on map easily and intuitively.


Find assets or incident and ASSIGN A JOB!

Aktivmap included a full WorkOrder system 

You can search for a set of assets, assign a “quick-job” to a staff or a “procedured-job” which is go through many team/department, you could also assign who is monitoring, quality check, receiving report… people. Assigned people could review all asset history, know how much supply items need to do the job, how much left in ware-house, or request a new stock…

Strategy for maintenance or replacement?

Aktivmap included O&M!

Aktivmap give you a full range of Operation and Maintenance Management System from asset assessment plan, define risk management strategy plus maintenance strategy in order to build maintenance and replacement plan yearly.

You will know where, when, what to do to and how to do it!


Built-in with a catalogue management system allow manage, sharing, update the technical information and know how to operate or repair a type of machine. This will avoid duplicate information and reduce data keyin.


Aktivmap allow you to handle all metering information such as temperature, noise level, vibration of machine or water flow, water pressure realtime information from SCADA system.


You can set the maximum and minimum level of metering information, if there are some metering higher or lower, the system automatic create an alarm and send to noticed people


You can see all historical information of asset: when it installed, when incident happened? Who repaired and how?…

Incident or Customer complain?

Aktivmap included an auto-assign job engine!

If there is an incident or customer complain register to system (you could register incident on both map and asset) Aktivmap will auto assign job to a specific staff in order to fix the problem!

All business procedure can be design and adjust easily!

With Aktivmap you can manage your valuable assets or facilities for a full life circle from purchase plan, installation, operation, maintenance, repair to disposal…


Aktivmap is completely open and customizable: easy design dashboard, define a new report, add a new assets,  business-process define, map services design, support many type of GIS database, add a new organization… all you need is configure and run, no need a line of code!

We build Aktivmap with the latest technologies from ESRI and Open-source softwares such as: GeoServer, OpenLayer, Leaflet, Turf…, plus the best database technologies like Oracle, SQL, MongoDB… These reputation technologies are using by millions customers around the world!


Flexible data services manage

Integrated satellite image and maps from ESRI, Google


Tree-structure data manage

Facility management

Notification system direct on mobile or web

Smart GIS feature registration

SCADA integration

Historical information

Export data on demand