Established in the early 80s of the last century, through many historical periods, remote sensing has constantly developed into a high-tech, modern field, reaching the advanced level of region. Up to now, most of the fields of natural resources and environment have applied remote sensing to serve effective State management, contributing to the monitoring of natural resources, environmental protection, disaster prevention, economy – society development, maintaining security, national defense and sovereignty.

The level is equal to other countries in the region

Department  of National Remote Sensing was established in October 2002 with the function of advising and assisting the Minister in State management of remote sensing, and organizing the implementation of public services on remote sensing in accordance with the law of Vietnam.

Representatives of EVN and the Department of National Remote Sensing signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement.

The projects and professional tasks of the Department have good quality, great significance in the management of natural resources, protect the environment and are highly appreciated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE).

In particular, in 2021, the Department of National Remote Sensing has put into use SPOT 6/7 image data with a resolution of up to 1.5m, allowing monitoring with a high level of detail, increasing the efficiency of providing information, meeting the needs of exploiting and using remote sensing data for the management of natural resources and environment and socio-economic development activities, helping the direction of all leadership levels be accurate, timely and synchronous.

Become one of the pillars of the resource monitoring system

With the rapid development trend of science and technology and the goal of making remote sensing technology become one of the pillars of the system of monitoring natural resources and the environment, making a worthy contribution to Vietnam, in the coming time, the Department of Remote Sensing will focus on performing the following tasks:

  • Continue to focus on training and providing managers and technicians with basic and practical knowledge about remote sensing technology.
  • Promote international cooperation in remote sensing, increase access to and acquire remote sensing knowledge in the modern era è bring Vietnam’s remote sensing technology to the common level of other countries in the region and internationally.
  • Focus on building a national database on remote sensing to ensure that the entire system is unified and synchronized from central to local levels.

The position of Vietnam’s MicroDragon satellite when taking the first test photo at an altitude of about 512km

Currently, VidaGIS is providing many types of remote sensing images with high resolution from 0.5m such as remote sensing images SPOT, KOMPSAT, PLEIADES, WORLD VIEW, digital surface model (DSM), digital terrain model (DTM). High-quality remote sensing images are suitable for planning, design, infrastructure management, flight management, smart city management, telecommunications, environment… We can also integrate remote sensing images. with GIS, SDI… systems conveniently and quickly!

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