State-level acceptance assessment session of the topic “Research, build a spatial data infrastructure (SDI), serving urban planning, management and development – Pilot application in Thua Thien Hue province, code KC.01.26/16-20, under the Program “Technology research and development of information technology product serving e-government took place at 2:30 p.m., September 23, 2021 online. Hue Center of Information Technology presided over the performance of the task.

MSc. Le Vinh Chien – Head of the task of reporting research results

The National Council of Science and Technology and the Expert Group organized the assessment and acceptance of topic, including experts from the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, Vietnam Institute of Urban and Rural Planning, the Department of Urban Development, and the National Institute of Urban and Rural Planning. Urban Development Agency (Ministry of Construction), Department of National Remote Sensing, Hue University of Sciences, etc.

At the acceptance meeting, the Council highly appreciated the results achieved of the project. With the aim of mastering the key technologies in building the spatial data infrastructure (SDI), in which the application of 3D-GIS technology is focused, proposing solutions to build the SDI platform for provincial level urban areas serving urban planning, management and development towards building smart urban areas in Vietnam. With the results achieved, the State Council for Acceptance has unanimously voted to rate the topic as pass.

System interface of spatial data infrastructure platform of Thua Thien Hue province (LSDI)

LSDI system was built by VidaGIS company based on core software – Aktivmap. Aktivmap is a software developed by VidaGIS based on cloud, multitanent and GIS technology according to closed source (ESRI) and open source (OpenSource) standards to meet the asset management needs for state management organizations, company, enterprise, etc. Provided that the computer or smartphone is connected to the internet, Aktivmap allows direct or indirect managers to easily access the system to monitor, update and process any information. VidaGIS has developed Aktivmap software by integrating with LSDI on the basis of API services and algorithms. At the same time, Aktivmap takes advantage of all available functions, allows to create management portals according to fields such as construction, natural resources and environment, traffic quickly and conveniently.

Aktivmap mobile application for departments and agencies

In parallel with the desktop version, VidaGIS has developed more mobile applications with features to support the collection, update, processing, exploitation and use of urban spatial data in the fields of land, construction and traffic. LSDI system products have been deployed and tested for 3 departments: Construction, Transport, Natural Resources and Environment.

In fact, spatial data infrastructure is being researched and applied quite commonly by countries around the world. In Vietnam, following the successful pilot of the LSDI system in Thua Thien Hue province, spatial data infrastructure will be studied for application in many fields and in many other localities in the future.

Reference source:   [1]   Thừa Thiên Huế

Translator: DungNTT- VidaGIS

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