According to Mr. Chu An Truong, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Land Administration – Director of the Project for Improved Land Governance and Database (VILG Project) in Vietnam, as of 30/6/2020, 182 districts completed the drafting of technical cost estimates, in which, 96 districts of 18 provinces were approved.

Regarding the signing of the contract, 69 districts have completed the signing for the Land Registration Office and 48 districts have signed with the database construction contractors. It is expected that the implementation progress by the end of 2021, 227 districts will basically complete the construction of the land database.

Especially, the Project Management Unit has cooperated with DONRE in Thai Nguyen to pilot the database software, so far, Viettel Group has provided a data center at the central level and connected 4 transmission lines to Land Registration Office and 3 branches; organized training courses on software use for districts and units; formulated plans, contents, training cosst estimates, technology transfer of MPLIS to 31 provinces implementing the VILG Project…

The VILG project has a total investment of USD 180 million, using the concessional loan from the World Bank, implemented from March 2017 to 3/2021, with an extension until April 2022. The project is implemented in 33 provinces and cities directly under the central Government.

In particular, the connection point has been implemented to fulfill the financial obligations between the tax authority and the electronic land registration office in Phu Luong and Nhai Vo districts (Thai Nguyen).

In order to accelerate the progress, the Central Project Management Unit of VILG proposed restructuring and extending the project implementation time. Regarding project adjustment, the Management Unit proposed two adjustment options: Adjusting the feasibility study report twice and restructuring the entire project.

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