Location map of GEODETIC CORS and NRTK station

Location map of GEODETIC CORS and NRTK station

On the morning of December 27, 2019, at the Conference on summarizing the work in 2019 and implementing the work in 2020 of the Natural Resources and Environment sector, the Launching ceremony of the network VNGEONET . VNGEONET will help to complete and modernize the basic measurement and cartography infrastructure; provide information, measurement and cartography data timely, complete and accurate manner for the socio-economic development, national defense and security; supervise natural resources, protect environment, prevent natural disasters and rescue, protect territorial sovereignty, promote scientific research on the Earth.

Along with the development of information technology, satellite positioning technology in recent years has been applied more and more widely in all economic sectors. Most countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, United States… have built national satellite positioning stations and considered this as an indispensable infrastructure in economic development, prevention of natural disaster, rescue, national defense and security. The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment has approved the project to build a network of satellite stations in Vietnamese.

VNGEONET includes 65 GNSS CORS stations, of which: 24 Geodetic CORS stations are arranged nationwide with an average distance between stations from 150 – 200 km and 41 NRTK CORS stations are arranged in 3 areas: Northern Delta and Thanh Hoa area, Central region and Central Highlands, Southern region with average distance between stations from 50 – 80 km in order to provide real-time positioning services with high accuracy (cm). Data of 65 national satellite positioning stations are transmitted directly via the internet to the Data Processing Center in Hanoi to process and provide users via 3G and 4G networks. Currently, the user can register free of charge for the positioning services provided by the system at link: http://vngeonet.vn 

With advantages such as high accuracy, fast positioning time, the technology of the national satellite positioning station will gradually replace traditional measurement technologies in the future, in addition this technology is also applied effectively in positioning, navigation, transportation, construction, agriculture, vehicle management, equipment, tourism and it is an indispensable component in building smart cities, meet the requirements of the 4th industrial revolution.

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